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Careers with Thomasevic Group Limited

If you share our values and you believe you can contribute towards achieving the vision of this organisation, do not hesitate to contact us via

As our businesses grow, we need to build a more capable team to manage the growth and expectations of our clients. We also believe in developing young talent, and are happy to contribute towards the development of skills needed to harness emerging opportunities in our part of the world and beyond.

If you have similar views and are capable of working towards this ideal, please get in touch. Together, we will nurture dreams and create opportunities for tomorrow’s people.

The following are specific job openings within the group, or in our client organisations that you may be interested in

Send your application to or do fill in the form on the right.
Thank you.

Nurturing dreams !!! The Thomasevic Group Limited is made up of three (3) wholly owned subsidiaries. We are looking to recruit on commission based remuneration, reliable, outgoing, results oriented an...